Bestfoods suppliers

We are working with the following companies:

Döhler from Germany. One of world´s leading supplier of different ingredients for the beverange industry.

Dinter from Germany. Part of the Döhler Group producing apple- pear red berry juice concentrates.

ALKO INTERNATIONAL BV from Holland. Part of the Döhler Group.

Del Monte International from Monaco. Pineapple juice concentrate, frozen and canned pineapple in various sizes.

Quicornac from Equador. The number 1 source of passion juice concentrate.


Alsat from Spain. Tomatopaste, diced tomato, pizzasauce and strawberry puree.

Julian Soler from Spain. Red and white juice concentrates.


Canla from Spain. Orange peels.


Corman from Belgium. Butter and milk fats.


Bennett Opie from England. Cocktail and fruit products.



Pasta Zara from Italy. Pasta products.


BK Food from Denmark. Canned and dried products from different countries of origin.



Strecker´s Wine from Germany. Wine products.


Special partners:

Ciprex Food Ab from Sweden. Our relation with Ciprex goes back to the days when Bestfoods was founded. Together with Nils we have builded a special and reliable relation. Via Ciprex we can offer TCX grapefruit concentrates, Peace River´s products and also Chinese apple juice concentrate.


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